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"Believe - Achieve - Celebrate"

Linu Job
Founder & Owner Penwomen

“TransformHer has helped me metamorphose, freeing me from my inhibitions. 

“TransformHer program is the nudge that every woman needs to realize her potential, to explore the possibilities, and to break the shackles that bind her. This Program has helped me find myself..”

Prathima P
Founder & Owner Pawparazzi

“I absolutely love TransformHER. People all around us assume that all women just want to bring down other women. That no two women in the same industry can be friends. But to see a platform where women help and support other women is fantastic! My business training with Tejaswini has been life-changing and the whole experience has given me a whole new perspective.”

Preety Reddy
Owner - Khayti Kulture

“Joining Transformer is one of the best decisions of my life

Owning a business and making a mark for myself af an entrepreneur has been

a long-standing dream for me but I somehow couldn’t make the transition

from ambiton to action for a myriad of reasons.  To say my experience with TransformHer has been transformation so far would be an understatement.

It has boosted my confidence to finally take that leap of faith and take charge of my career plans.  Tejaswini brings a wealth of wisdom and experience that has been invaluable in

helping me visualize and define my goals. Interaction with fellow entrepreneurs in the program has put me at ease with sharing my

thoughts, apprehensions, and questions with them and reaffirmed my faith in my dream.   

I’d like to end with a quote from the movie, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. “The only thing

standing between you and your dream is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”. Thank you Tejaswini and TransformHER for making me believe in myself and helping me realize my true potential. I can now proudly say that I am firmly on the path to actualizing my dream.

Vidula A
Founder & Owner - BuffyFish

I had watched a video of Tejaswini Pisal in dec 2021 and i thought that video made a lot of sense and i could relate to the painpoints she had touched upon.

then i called her and told her if could coach me. i started the business coaching with her in feb 2022 and i still continue to take the sessions.

every session is recorded and i have been listening to all the recordings again and again and making notes.

i have followed 100% of what Tejaswini Pisal has said in these sessions and actually executed it bit by bit.

now i have started getting customers. She helps by setting realistic goals and vision and mission statements.

she goes deeper into the problems and the offerings that we have for our customers. this is done to get a clarity on the exact messaging you need to offer to the customer and to define and refine the products and services.

it is oct now and i have a bunch of customers. they are happy with my offerings.

thank you so much Tejaswini Pisal for all that you are and all that you do for women entrepreneurs. much appreciated with a lot of gratitude. I would highly recommend all of you to take a year of business coaching from her, if you are struggling with your business, marketing, sales, scaling up etc. Thank you once again!

Priyanka Srivastav
Owner -CA Matter Online

Tejaswini Pisal gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. Her ability to recognize, understand and explain complex business relationships has changed my thinking, and most importantly, my actions for the better. 

She is one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business professional today. Before meeting her, I would be quickly overwhelmed with the challenges I faced in my profession, whether they were client-related, employee-related, or expansion of my work. 

Her ability to coach, make us delve into what is holding us back, and shining a new perspective on the many challenges we face helped me to grow by leaps and bounds, both as an individual and a professional. 

I highly recommend Business Coach Tejaswini to all entrepreneurs who have all it takes to succeed in their minds but face problems in execution.

Arnika Patil
Owner – Arnika’s Sports Academy

“Tejaswini’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional aspect but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches. Thank you so much for motivating and helping me find the qualities within me. I wasn’t sure how a success coach would help me, but now after just 6 sessions with Tejaswini, I can see myself moving forward with a goal and a dream. She has helped me look at the situations or problems in a very positive and friendly way. She always made me feel like, Oh! Such a simple thing. There are so many ways in which one can look at a particular situation. She always made me focus on the targets set. Never let me move away from them. She has made me think that now I am confident of finding a solution rather than staying stuck. (working a way around it). Setting the priorities has now become a routine for me. I would definitely say that the coaching sessions I have had with her have been like a million-dollar reward. I would recommend Tejaswini to anyone who is looking forward to discovering, clarify and align with what you want to achieve in life.”

Archana Naik
Owner Archana’s Kreations

I am happy to have Tejaswini as my Business Coach. The benefits gained from her coaching were extremely valuable. It has been a great experience for me. The coaching sessions helped me in many ways in terms of planning marketing strategies, to set the proper goal, increased customer base etc. She has enable me to focus on creating value, while at the same time challenging me to extend my goals so that I push myself to achieve more. All the sessions were throughly productive and ensured that I to do better each time. Few years back she was my colleague then friend and now Coach for my Business Venture.

I really appreciate her work in this field and I am sure it will helps a lot to entrepreneurs.

Annapurna Kupast
Owner- Serendipity

Fortunate to meet you Tejaswini during her group coaching program for soloprenuers.

Tejaswini was my mentor and not only she spoke words of encouragement but also guided me step by step on how to make a move with all the hinderances, to set up a clear vision and move towards it positively. 

Thank you so much Tejaswini to help me get rid of my fear and take that first step ahead in achieving my dreams.

I wish you all the luck and success and hope many more would benefit with your guidance and help.

CA Hetal Gala
Chartered Accountant & Founder - ILIS Funding

Tejaswini is intelligent, smart and her techniques to guide entrepreneurs is upto the mark and practical. She doesn’t overburden with theory but solves the problem practically and so I recommend her if anyone require a mentor or business coach she is the best mentor.

Aditi Khond
Travel Advisor - Travolic Tours

TransformHER program is an inspiring initiative with the mission to bring positive Transformation in every woman’s life, which is spearheaded by passionate Tejaswini. The program is 100 time the value which you pay in monetary terms.

Deepti Dhonsale
Founder Sentido Organic

“Tejaswini is a highly professional business coach who precisely knows and understands the client’s need and requirement. Every business faces a different types of challenges. If looking out for someone to guide through these phases she is the right person for it. Would highly recommend her.”

Vishakha Goyal
Parenting Coach & DMIT Consultant

I could have never imagined myself addressing crowds as big as 120 and more, the confidence that I carry today is given to me by nobody else but Tejaswini. I cannot than you enough, my life has changed for better. Thank you Tejaswini for providing a platform which is now more like a family where we learn and grow each day.

Sonali Takalkar
Owner - Gurukul Academy

TransformHER Program brings absolutely 200% plus value for money. Every session I attended is full of helpful tips for business and most importantly they are implementable

Geeta Kalle
Founder and Owner of Silver Tales

To achieve  business and personal goals with systematic approach, and with a right attitude, TransformHER is THE best platform for all the budding and established entrepreneurs.

Kuntalika Banarjee
Illustrator & Founder World of Kuntalika

“I believe ‘TransformHer’ is a fantabulous program where a lot of thought and hard work has been put into getting amazing results. TransformHer is ‘Of her, By her, For all of her’!!.”

I highly recommend TransformHER

Priya Dalvi

Tejaswini is a great coach and mentor. With her unique teaching, presentation skills, and also through her solid insights, Tejaswini will guide you grow your business significantly. If you’re one seeking for running a successful business, Tejaswini is a name I recommend.

Radhika Jadhav
Owner - Pushpak Tours and Travels

Coaching sessions with Tejaswini have helped me develop skills to get new clients. I can now communicate more confidently, network and focus better which has resulted in expansion of my business vision and was able to have a good work life balance. Very valuable coaching session which allowed me to generate new solutions & Strategies. I have benefited tremendously from her experience & skills as a Business Coach. 

I would highly recommend her to entrepreneurs which are looking out for best results.

Prajakata Kulkarni
Owner- Vaastu Leher

When I was thinking of business expansion I thought of appointing someone for guiding me. When I spoke to Tejaswini I found her to be competent enough to suit my requirement. She guided me with marketing skills which helped me focus on my goals and enhancing them beyond my capacity. 

This has helped me in progressing myself more confidently towards mv business expansion plan. 

Tejaswini is the best business coach I have ever met.

Vaishali Chitre
Owner - Lagnagath Marriage Bureau

I met Tejaswini in one of her seminars and I could relate to so many points that she covers there, that’s when i decide to become a part of her program, and after that there is no looking back. 

She has helped me in recognising my potential, personally and professionally, through which I got immense clarity in my business.

She has helped me overcome my FEARS and to concentrate on the bigger picture in my business. I am sure any entrepreneur who will follow through her program will grow their business. 

Thanks Tejaswini I have learned the art of entrepreneurship from you. 

Harini Ramarathnam
Founder - Vibha Education Service Corp

Transformher is a goto place for every woman Entrepreneur and  Tejaswini is a wonderful Transformational coach. Sessions with her give a lot of clarity and she motivates and pushes to take action on goals.

She is dedicated, hardworking and she brings transformations in women whom she coaches. Tejaswini is very confident, determined and her sessions helped me to unleash my true potential. she helped me to focus ,motivate and stretch my goals which was a real challenge ,In the verge to complete those goals and in the course of completing I saw opportunities to grow and a new perspective of my business, where I got clients for coaching.

Her session gave insights into my business where I had not been in focus all these days. To add she is a wonderful Life and Business Coach.

Sonal Tarde
Owner - Insignia Designs

Meeting Tejaswini was a very good experience her coaching sessions helped me boost my confidence and increase my focus as well. She helped me set my goals which in turn gave me a lot of clarity in terms of my client management. 

I highly recommend Tejaswini if you are looking forward to improving your business. 

I know I can always seek her services.

Sayali Bhide
Owner - Parishkar Diamonds

After attending the coaching workshop with Tejaswini I started planning my activities meticulously. I was able to break my own comfort zone. Tejaswini helped me to setup small targets and on achieving those target I got immense pleasure which boosted my confidence and focus in my business further more. 

I definitely recommend Tejaswini to other business owners for their business growth.

In the Program You will

Meet our host

Meet the host of the TransformHER and Founder of Zest Transformation.

Tejaswini is a Transformation and Productivity Expert, Mentor, Business Coach, and an Inspirational Speaker. She is the founder of Zest Transformation and the Women Program TransformHER, which is specially curated for women to build a business and life they love.

Since launching TransformHER, Tejaswini has conducted several successful online sessions and mini-programs, helping women grow and scale businesses online.

She is a vocal supporter of women in business. Her focus is to champion and empower women in business and leadership.

In 2020 Tejaswini hosted the TransformHER Program to empower women to succeed and thrive during the pandemic. Helping female entrepreneurs learn new skills, make new connections, and access to resources.

This year we pledge to support more and more women helping amplify women’s voices in the business.

For Whom

  • Startups & Businesses owned by women
  • Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Mompreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs/budding entrepreneurs/ SMEs who would like to connect with women entrepreneurs.
  • This event is for women who want to do something
  •  For women entrepreneurs in the initial stages of business wanting to grow
  •  For women entrepreneurs who have a growing business but are struggling to balance growth and life.

Come Join the Community Now

Join the community and be a part of the conversation, ideas sharing, inspiration, learnings, networking, and collaborations. Secure your spot early; there are limited seats. We have women leaders, entrepreneurs, and the most influential women from all across, so this is the perfect opportunity to start building business partnerships and collaborations.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

Why to Attend?

As women entrepreneurs, we get so overwhelmed with life that we tend to forget who we are? I have experienced this myself.

I want to find a way to come full circle, to energize empower and elevate women to know their value and the true meaning of who they are; at the end of the day, they can say YES!

I can do it!

And I am ready to transform and build a life business and a career that I love.

Women entrepreneurs attendees will leave energized, empowered, elevated, and educated using a unique combination of education focused on balancing all areas of your life and business. They’ll gain the insight and the tools needed to find balance in their demanding lives. This event is specially designed to meet the unique needs of women entrepreneurs.

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