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Message from Tejaswini

Being Entrepreneurs is Difficult! More so for Solopreneur.
As a Solopreneur, you are entirely hands-on with your venture from sales to production to strategizing; it’s ultimately a one man’s show or a one Woman’s Show!

You are so engrossed in your daily operations that setting goals and targets take a back seat. And even if you set them, following them through becomes difficult as you are busy fire fighting, which could be a significant deterrent to growing your business.

In my journey of 8 years, I interacted with many women and realized that this is a big challenge that most face, which got me thinking about finding a solution for the masses.

The solution is pretty simple, it is within us to get a little more organized and stick to the goals that we have set, but this becomes easier when one has a coach to help through, to bring us back on track if we deviate. Having coached many women, and with my expertise and experience, I have developed this program that will help you get more focused and achieve your targets.

This program is designed especially for women entrepreneurs, emphasizing work-life balance, dealing with stress, managing customers, setting goals, and following them through. The beauty of this program is that it is a good mix of offline and online Learning and Doing!

And I will be hand-holding and guiding the group inside the TransformHER Program! What more could you want? Since this session will be a Group Activity with a Buddy, you will be further motivated to complete your activities.

We are sure that this will help you get clarity and a definite vision and help you double the value of your business.

So are you up for this challenge? Go ahead and take it up and see for yourself the difference it makes to your business in particular and Life in General!

For more details, please contact