This Program is for Group of Women who wants to fly high and my goal is to help as many women as possible to build a business and life they love


Program STARTS on 17th April 2021

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How Does This Work?

Designed for Business Support & Work Life Balance

We understand that being a Woman Entrepreneur is a Delicate Balancing Job where you are always Short on Time.

We know Small Business Owners are known to have busy schedules, many different responsibilities, and a steady flow of important decisions to make. Despite the fact that we may want to get it all done, all the time, the simple truth is that there are only so many hours in a day and so many things you can do at once. Many times, our personal life suffers, and we find ourselves becoming a slave to the business, which often results in burnout. TransformHER is a community of women entrepreneurs that support, motivate and inspire each other.

The program includes 12 important pillars of business and helps you build a business and life you love.

Live Online Training Workshop

Tejaswini will be conducting a Live Online Workshop where You and a group of Select Passionate and Committed Women Entrepreneurs come together to learn and grow your business using a Unique Framework.

Our aim is to get open minded women entrepreneurs together to develop a community to learn and grow together, creating amazing businesses and living the life to the fullest managing their business, family and their passion of entrepreneurship.

Imagine how it will feel to finally know that you are growing as a person, as a business and making a difference in other people’s lives, gaining clarity of purpose, growing professionally and being truly happy with everything that you are doing, being connected to others who are on the same journey as you… all committed to achieving the same as what you want.


Instead of bombarding everything in a workshop / course, every month there is a themed masterclass that this community will experience. You can learn about each topic and ask questions in the forum. Studying in a group dynamics will help you to take action on the material learned so you can start seeing results quickly. One of the days in the month you can post your questions and we answer them for you over our Q & A video series.

As a Transformation Expert, I will help you understand different aspects of life and business and when balanced well can create miracles. As entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to make a difference in multiple lives – that of our family, our customers, our employees, our partners and to make social impact. And that is the reason that I am so passionate about this work. This is the reason why we are running this Program TransformHER especially for committed entrepreneurs like you.

This Program Will Help You To

4 Things That Make This Program Unique


The Entire Group starts this Program together

This program is designed in such a way when done in a group setting amplifies the effectiveness of the program. As each of the participant starts the program and ends the program on the same day.


Work at Your Own Pace

The best part of the Members Community is that you are not alone. You will be with a group of women with the same challenges you are going through. Communication in a live activity feed, forums, and groups.


Take the Program with You, Anytime, Anywhere

After the First Training Workshop, you can access the Virtual Online Community directly from your Internet Connected Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. Learn and Participate On The Move.


Learn Within a Group Led by Tejaswini

Led By Tejaswini, get your questions answered by this Awesome Coach. Also share in the wisdom of your Fellow Woman Entrepreneurs. Make deep connections with Like Minded Ladies who are on this Journey along with You.

About Tejaswini

Tejaswini is an award winning Business Coach, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. Her passion is to help business owners & entrepreneurs to create and impact and build a business and life they love.

She is a Founder & Director of Zest Transformation the most promising coaching and training company in India.

She is the CEO & Founder of TransformHER a global platform to empower women in Business. A leading Transformation Expert, a fantastic Facilitator, an author of the upcoming book ‘Be Energised Be Inspired’, a caring Consultant, an avid reader and someone who is on a constant learning model…. all this and much more is what best describes Tejaswini Pisal. She is a Management Graduate and an Internationally Certified Coach and a Master Spirit Life Coach (Certified Coaching Alliance).


Coaching Experience

She has coached 1000s of professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors such as IT, Manufacturing, Sports, Education, Sole proprietors of small businesses like Chartered Accountants, Architects, Trainers and Coaches, have been successfully coached by Zest Transformation, where they have seen a 100% or more turnaround and growth in their business. 

With more than 100+ success stories to her credit, Tejaswini is all set to bring millions of people out of their comfort zones to take positive actions in order to grow their ventures. Her aim is to work with committed Business owners and Entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to scale up…. People who know what to do but are unable to take the necessary action.

Tejaswini is extremely passionate about assisting people for their growth; facilitating people to take a Complete Holistic Approach of their Personal, Professional, Social, and Emotional Aspects of Life. For Women desiring a Balanced Professional and Personal Life – she is THE goto LADY.

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Why Should You Join This Program?

3 Amazing Benefits Available only Now
By joining this Group of Women Entrepreneurs who are taking up this Program with Tejaswini, you will get THREE Amazing Opportunities that would never be available in the Future and this is what they would be and the reason

Message from Tejaswini

Being Entrepreneurs is Difficult! More so for Solopreneurs.
As Solopreneurs you are completely hands on with your venture. From Sales to Production to Strategising, it’s completely a one man’s show or a one Woman’s Show!

You are so engrossed in your daily operations that setting goals and targets takes a back seat. And even if you set them, following them through becomes difficult as you are busy fire fighting and this could be a big deterrent to growing your business.

In my journey of 5 years, I have interacted with many women and have realised that this is a big challenge that most face and that got me thinking about finding a solution for masses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Program will take place on 31st October 2020 

Complete the Checkout Process using our Secure Payment Gateway. Pay using NetBanking, Debit/Credit Cards or Wallet

  1. Complete Check Out and Reserve Your Seat on the Program
  2. Attend the Live Workshop every second Saturday of the month
  3. Join the Exclusive Business Growth Community TransformHER
  4. Execute the plan that you created during the Workshop and follow along week by week
  5. Start your journey to Success in building a life and business you love

We did. And the reason is simple — we wanted every woman entrepreneur, solopreneur to benefit and grow their business and by doing so live their life and make a difference.

The usual price for such kind of group program is INR 32,000. However, for the benefit of the women who join this Program and to ensure that we get this training into the hands of as many women as possible, we have dropped the price by 75%.
Another reason for the 75% discount: our past participants have seen amazing results and you want the same results for many… so we’ve made the investment as low as possible. All we ask is that you email us (we’ll reach out to you) at the end of the program to share your story.

Yes, what you see today is the Lowest Price to et into the TransformHER community. Because multiple participants enroll at the same time, it allows us to give a Group Discount. What that means for you is that it is the Best Time to take Action and Enroll in this Program cum Training.

TransformHer is a place where women from all walks of life get to interact in a fun loving atmosphere to support each other in building and achieving the business you want.

It doesn’t matter if you have just started your business or have been doing business for years or someone who wants to start as long as you are ready to roll up the sleeves and make your dream of running a successful business and balancing a family come true.

We provide masterclass which is an interactive forum, a group which will have real time communication. New resources are added monthly to make sure you continue to grow no matter where you are in your business.

If you don’t have the time and energy to search online endlessly for answers like how to grow my business or how to do sales and marketing, this program is for you. If you like to have a step by step actionable plan in which you see measurable results then this program is for you. And if you are feeling down, and your mindset is not aligned with what you deserve to have right now then this program is for you.

If You want to start a business but you are not sure how you can package your expertise, products or services then this program is for you.

You already have a business but you are having hard time getting clients then this program is for you.

You need help with sales and marketing. You need a sales funnel that converts into more sales then this program is for you.

You are overwhelmed with so much contradictory information on the internet. You wish you have road map that gave you more clarity then this program is for you.

You need help with processes and systems to have your company run smoothly then this program is for you.

You feel like a fish out of water when it comes to time management, one day sticks to the next and there aren’t enough hours in a day then this program is for you.

Yes. The program includes 12 live training workshops monthly once and a community forum, specialised group, activities, opportunity to present your business and much more.

Members are encourage to network, you never know you might find your next customer / client in the program. This has often happened with our participants in past.

Yes! You can start the program at a later date. But, you will have to attend the in Person Workshop to maximize the impact of this Program. Also to maximize on the Group sharings and momentum, we encourage you to start on April 2020 to get optimum results.

This model of TranformHER program is to help others in a group setting by answering questions in the forum. There will also be a Q&A online series monthly. Interested participants for one to one coaching need to get in touch with us separately.

We provide you with tools and help to change your mindset, along with the community to help you succeed. Its up to you to put in the effort and focus needed to get to the next level in the business.

Please write to us at or call us on 8554036868.

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