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27th April 2024


Business Growth Blueprint Program

This program is for Women who want to fly high and my goal is to help as many women as possible to build a business and life they love!

This program is for YOU if you are a
a woman entrepreneur who wants to you

Live Your Life to the Fullest while you manage your Family, Business, and Passion.

Be able to work out just the Right Balance between spending time with your family and at your Venture.

Have a Strong, Raving Customer Base with whom you Love working

What is TransformHER Program?

TransformHER is a Learning program for values-driven entrepreneurs who want to build a meaningful, profitable business and the life of their dreams.
Starting and scaling a business requires a clear vision and the ability to execute consistently. Without a planned roadmap or direction, the process can be mind-boggling.
TransformHER Program can fast-track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. We at TransformHER have already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and are still doing.

We would be happy to work with you to grow your business

Here's what I'll be teaching...

Learn at your Own Pace

The entire program is based online with LIVE sessions every month
so that you can take it from your home or your workplace.
All course materials, videos, MP3s, assignments, and additional resources, are in our online member zone.

Some more Bonuses

Do you want to know if
TransformHER Program is right for you?

TransformHER is for dedicated and aspiring women entrepreneurs who intellectually know
what to do but cannot take the following steps or see what to do next,
or simply doubting their ability to start and scale a business.

Whatever industry you belong to, thriving as an entrepreneur in today’s market
means knowing how to create important connections, build trust, and sell to people.
TransformHER Program is suitable for:

Product Business

TransformHER participants are from different product-based industries jewellery, cakes, books, apps, clothing, gifts, bags, food, and many more. If you sell physical or digital products, TransformHER can help.

Service Business

It is also for service-based businesses. So, if you provide financial consulting, help people write their content, or teach people how to stay fit. You may be a Human Resource Consultant or a Photographer or a teacher or an interior designer, or you may be someone who runs a Travel Company. Let TransformHER take your service-based business to the next level.

Professional Service

Take your professional services like Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Trainer, or Coach. You can now reach a broader audience, create more revenue streams, and keep yourself abreast and relevant in a changing economy through this program

Meet Tejaswinni

Tejaswinni is an award-winning Business Coach, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker.

Her passion is to help business owners & entrepreneurs to create an impact and build a business and life they love.

She is a Founder & Director of Zest Transformation the most promising coaching and training company in India.

She is the CEO & Founder of TransformHER a global platform to empower women in Business.

A leading Transformation Expert, a fantastic Facilitator, an author of the book ‘10 Secrets to Enrich your Entrepreneurial Journey’, a caring Consultant, an avid reader, and someone who is on a constant learning model…. all this and much more is what best describes Tejaswinni 

She is a Management Graduate and an Internationally Certified Business Coach and Transformation Expert
(Certified Coaching Alliance).

Here is what you will get in TransformHER


Get that enthusiasm and clarity to precisely know what you want and why you want it.


Get the power to take your business and life to the next level.


Raise Up to maximize growth and results in your business.

The Program is 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Limited Seats

Discover how TransformHER has helped women like you build wildly successful businesses



Online LIVE— no travel required every month.

However, we have in-person meets and retreats three times a year.

The real value is in the skills, capabilities, and mindset you'll develop in the journey, the risks you are ready to take, and the relentless focus on accomplishing your dreams

TransformHER is for values-driven solopreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, mompreneurs, and growing and aspiring entrepreneurs

Yes! TransformHER is ideal if you're starting a new business because we first work on the mindset to think like a successful entrepreneur and avoid the costly errors that even an intelligent entrepreneur can make when starting their business.

The bonus video program included here, Start Right, takes you through what you need to understand, know, and — importantly — do so that you set your self-right to launch

We're proud to have different business categories under the TransformHER Program.

From clothing retailers to fashion designers, to bag manufacturers and retailers, to bakers, to jewelry designers, to gifting companies, interior designers, to restaurant owners, language instructors, app makers, tech companies, writers, photographers, real estate consultants, and different types of trainers, coaches, storytellers, lawyers, chartered accountants and consultant.

Then TransformHER is perfect for you.

No matter what business you are in— products, services, or professional services — what's important is you must learn how to effectively communicate your message to your target audience, attract and convert customers and create excellent customer experiences. So if you sell to humans, TransformHER can help.

Registration for TransformHER opens only every quarter. However, you can book your seat six months in advance by paying 50% advance fees.

TransformHER is not suitable for all. We care for you and your success and want to make sure you make the right decision for yourself. We want you to win.

If you:

Need individualized feedback before taking action; this program is not suitable for you.

It is not for you if you want to kind of check things out here.

Then TransformHER may not be the right fit, and that's OK.

We teach the Program in English, but you can always ask questions and get any of your queries sorted. Tejaswini speaks English, Hindi, and Marathi, so it comes down to your comfort level.

TransformHER is a single membership program. That means one person, one membership. If you want to do the program along with your partner, both of you can enroll separately.

Write to me at, and we should answer your queries within 48hours.

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